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About Green & Fresh

Our Vision

At G&F, we see healthy living and diet as a way of life. We want to provide greater and faster access to healthy diets to people. So we look towards providing affordable and quality food solution to healthy food operators, so that they can focus on scaling their business without incurring huge financial risk that are tied with operational growth.

Our Mission

Green and Fresh aims to be a strategic food solutions provider to our customers that will enable our customers to operate their businesses in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Why G&F?

Your Fresh produce partner in health food business

Fresh Produce

We believe in providing Fresh Produce. Our juices and fruits are produced freshly every daily. Each order is prepared fresh on the same day. In freshness, we create better taste and quality.

Affordable Prices

We price our food solutions to be affordable to businesses. In this way, our customers are able to focus on scaling the business, without the worry of financial risk tied in with operational growth.

Short Lead Time

We understand your business. Ensuring a faster lead time, we can help your business to provide a better service to your customer.  We can deliver your order within a short lead time.

We are Green. We are Fresh. All of our juices are cold pressed fresh every day of the week. Each bottle of juice has an impressive amount of fresh fruits and vegetables and is condensed with so much nourishment, for your daily dose of goodness.

Juicing has all its benefits, but it is also a lot of work and preparation. We are here to make busy lives easier and to keep your business costs low with our affordable products. Why juice when we can do it for you?

Let us drink to something good.

Our Quality Promise

Quality is at the very heart of all our processes and when you place an order with us you can be guaranteed that what we deliver to you matches your specifications and expectations

Commitment to Quality and Freshness

We use only the best, so that you can give your best to your customers. We belive that business can grow with recurring customer. By using the best, we provide the quality edge for your business to keep your customer happy with the quality.

Commitment to our business promise

We strongly believe that everyone has the right to nutritious products. It is a simple formula: healthy juices make for healthier lives and a healthier community. Here at G&F, our mission is to provide food solutions for your business, so that you can create more avenue to gather more business, while we support your operational growth.

Our Commitment to Business Confidentiality

Honesty and integrity is the bedrock of our business. As we set these values as the cornerstone of our business, you can be rest assured that we do not divulge any details of your business to any other parties. We take a serious stance on protecting our customers’ confidentiality.