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Ready for use
Fruits & Veg

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Cold Press Juice

Ready Use – Fresh Cut Fruits & Vegetables

Ready to use Cut Fruits and Vegetables.

Tell us the size and variations that you require for your business. We will cut it to the size that your operations require. This will save you time and storage space. Easy, fuss-free!

Ready Use Bottled Cold Press Juice

We know that cold-press juicing is a long and tedious process. Why not let us prepare a fresh batch of pure cold-press juice for your operation usage. This way, you can save a lot of time to focus on your business. Let us take on the tedious task of cold-pressing.

Just open the juice and mix it up!

OEM Juice Solutions

Preparation space can be a huge cost consideration. Why not let us handle all the preparation and cold-press duties for your business? This way, you can save your additional rental cost of space. Just let us know what is the recipe and your bottling requirement, we will get the cold-press juice ready to your requirements. All is left for you to do is pick up the juice and deliver to your customers! You can trust us that your recipe and trade secret is safe with us.

White Label Cold Press Juice Solutions

Want to provide cold-press juice as part of a value-add to your business, but you don’t have the resources to plan and execute this?
Fret not.

At green & fresh, we are the expert in concocting cold-press juice. Tell us who are your customers, and we will tailor make a bespoke juice plan for your target audiences, so your business can value-add to your customers.

From creating the cleanse plan, designing the bottles, and branding your juice, all you need to do is to tell us your intent, we will plan and execute it for you.